La lettre envoyee au membre 15 des nation unies‏ – bentili

La lettre envoyee au membre 15 des nation unies‏ – bentili
Committee of Mothers of the Fifteen                                                                                     
                                                                                         Sahrawi Kidnapped Group

Laayoune, Western Sahara.
23 , December, 2019.
Subject: the fifteen Sahrawi kidnapped by Morocco since 14 years ago .

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the UN Security Council,


Fourteen years of continuous struggle as we are waiting for justice to prevail, will not back down from our legitimate demands by holding the Moroccan state accountable for the kidnapping of our children. We strongly demand the release of our abducted sons despite the attempts of the Moroccan regime to evade from its     responsibility, especially in front of the team that is protecting people from

enforced disappearance.

The Moroccan authorities have consistently practiced a policy of procrastination and evading regarding its human rights violations in occupied Western Sahara especially in the absence of any international pressure from the United Nations. Therefore, we urge you to immediately intervene to put an end to our suffering by pressuring the Moroccan state to reveal the whereabouts of our sons.

Yours faithfully,   

From The Committee Of Mothers Of The Fifteen Sahrawi kidnapped since 25 December 2005.

Lakhlifi Lalla Nhabouha
Member of committee the mothers of the fifteen Sahrawi  kidnapped.
Sister of the two kidnapped of group.

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