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Latest news | Sahara Press Service

Holding constitutive session of National Council in liberated territories: Embodiment of Sahrawi state’s exercise of sovereignty over entire national territory (President of Republic)

Election of Hamma Salama as Speaker of National Council

Monday, 16/03/2020Bir-Lahlou (Liberated Territories), 16 March 2020 (SPS) – Member of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front, Mr. Hamma Salama, has been elected the Speaker of the Sahrawi National Council (Parliament). The election of the Speaker of the National Council was held on Monday during its constitutive session in the liberated town of Bir-… + continue reading

President of Republic chairs constitutive session of National Council in its 11th tenure

British Lords question an ilegal agreement between UK and Morocco

President of Republic chairs joined meeting of National Secretariat Permanent Office and National Committee for Vigilance against Coronavirus

Consulate General of Liberia in occupied city of Dakhla constitutes violation of AU act

President Miguel Diaz receives new Sahrawi Ambassador’s credentials

Just settlement of Sahrawi cause is still possible, says Guterres

IYFSWS wraps up its 1th edition in the Saharwi Refugee Camps

IYFSWS calls for urgent resolution of the conflict in Western Sahara