Sahrawi people await MINURSO return to mission

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Algiers, May 24, 2016 (SPS) – The Sahrawi people await the return of MINURSO to the region to organize self-determination referendum, Mohamed El Amine, member of the National Secretariat of Polisario Front affirmed Tuesday in Algiers.

He added that the Sahrawi people are ready to regain its spoiled right, even 25 years after stopping the armed fight.

«The Sahrawi leadership and people await the return of MINURSO and also hope that it assumes its core mission, which is the organization of a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara,» said El Amine at the Forum of Memory organized by the association «Meshaal Echahid» under the slogan of «Western Sahara, last African colony.»

The forum was held on the occasion of the celebration of Africa Day and the 43rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Sahrawi armed struggle.

He said that the Sahrawi people are «deeply disappointed» because they lost confidence in the UN Organization, considered now as a «machine to maintain the occupation.»

Since its creation in 1973, the Polisario Front helped the Sahrawi people to regain its «dignity and respect» after a long period of isolation due to the social, political and international situations in that period.

«The Sahrawi people feel terrible frustration because of their rights despoiled by an occupant, which methods do not differ from those of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people,» he said, adding that «besides the assassinations, arrests and torture, it now practices a new form of destruction, namely the intellectual alienation.»

Moreover, the former head of government of SADR justified the cessation of the Polisario Front armed struggle by the trust in the UN «promises», urging the Sahrawi new generation to «wisely» reflect to resist the Moroccan occupation and recover their rights.

Mohamed El Amine also recalled the «unconditional support of Algeria to the Sahrawi fight.»SPS

Sahara Press Service: Sahrawi people await MINURSO return to mission